December 24, 2022 (Christmas Eve)

8:00am – Advent Mass

3:30pm – Children’s Concert of Carols

4:00pm – Bilingual Christmas Eve Mass

6:30pm – Adult Concert of Carols

7:00pm – Christmas Eve Mass

No Confessions or Midnight Mass

December 25, 2022

7:00am – Christmas Mass

10:30am – Christmas Mass

12:30pm – Spanish Christmas Mass

No Confessions or 5:00pm Mass


December 19-21


English, Spanish, and French

New Year’s & Epiphany

New Year’s Eve – 8:00am, 5:00pm

New Year’s Day – Sunday Schedule

Epiphany – Sunday Schedule

Our Parish Mission is to nourish our community through The Word and The Sacraments,
embracing our diversity as we minister to the needs of others.