Why do we Baptize Babies?

In the same way we celebrate a new baby into our families at birth, we welcome them into their family of faith, the Church, with a new birth in water and the Holy Spirit. We remember that God himself came as a baby to save us – he was helpless, vulnerable, and dependent on the love and guidance of his earthly parents. As parents and family, we nurture the faith of our newest member. Any person of any age who has not been baptized before can receive the sacrament of baptism. Infant baptism can occur at any time. We do not re-baptize anyone who has had a Christian baptism that involved water and the words of baptism. Catholics recognize most other Christian baptisms.

Usually, adults are baptized during the Easter Vigil Mass.

The primary responsibility for forming a child in the faith resides with the parents. GODPARENTS assist the parents in serving as guides, role models, sources of encouragement and faith friends. They help the child learn to live a Christian life. For an adult baptism, the Godparent or sponsor accompanies the new believer on the journey to baptism and participates in the rites of initiation. The relationship and responsibility continue for life.

Who can be a Godparent or Sponsor?

A godparent:

  • Must be at least sixteen years old.
  • Must be a practicing Catholic in good standing in the Catholic Church.
  • Have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.
  • If married, they must have been married in the Catholic Church by a Catholic priest. May not be the child’s parent.
  • must be able to produce a sponsor/godparent certificate from the church where they are registered and active giving them permission to serve as godparents if not registered members of Holy Rosary-St. Richard.
  • Only one male and one female may be chosen as godparents. One godparent, male or female, is enough. But if there are two, they must be one male and one female.

A baptized person who belongs to a non-Catholic Church Community may serve as a witness to the baptism, ONLY if the other person meets all the requirements necessary to be a godparent.

What makes a good Godparent?

Godparents or sponsors are chosen as models of how to live a good Catholic Christian life. They are people who trust in God, who pray and participate in Mass faithfully, who try to improve their faith and their relationship with God and others. Godparents encourage the baptized to want to live a better life and to get closer to God and they participate in and celebrate the major events of their godchildren’s lives, both within the Church and in their daily lives. Often, they will also act as the Child’s sponsor at the sacrament of Confirmation. They pray with and for their godchildren. Good godparents always point their godchildren toward Jesus Christ and his Church.

If you need any additional information or have any other questions regarding infant baptism, please contact Maria de Lourdes (Marilu) Rodriguez during office hours on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thurssday. Call (305) 233-8711 ext. 116, or email mrodriguez@hrsrcs.org

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