“Christians celebrate the sacrament of marriage because they know they need it! They need it to stay together and to carry out their mission as parents. ‘In joy and in sadness, in sickness and in health.’ This is what the spouses say to one another during the celebration of the sacrament and in their marriage they pray with one another and with the community. Why? Because it is helpful to do so? No! They do so because they need to, for the long journey they are making together: it is a long journey, not for a brief spell but for an entire life!”

Pope Francis

Marriage Preparation

Getting married is a big step! There are many things to consider, and even more things to plan for. Catholics celebrate the Sacrament of marriage as a sacred covenant between husband and wife.

Let us at HRSR Church help you to understand and prepare for Catholic marriage. Please read our Marriage Preparation and Agreement form.

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Resources for Catholic Marriage

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